Top 5 Lip Products

Find below my 5 most loved lip products with the price and where I bought them from below. I hope you enjoy this post… Don’t forget to leave comments, like and let me know your favourite lip products 🙂

1)  Le Creme- Honey Bear by Too Faced – This is one of my most used lipsticks ever. It’s so hydrating on the lips which is perfect for any time of year. The application is perfect, glides on nicer then an ice skater in an ice rink. I don’t know about you guys but my favourite thing about lipsticks is the smell… Mint Chocolate, what isn’t to love?

£17.00 – Debenhams

2) Rimmle Kate- 107 – If you love a matte lip or want to experiment with a matte lip before committing to the trend the rimmle kate collection include some lovely colours at a affordable price as well as amazing quality and pigmentation. 107, is a personal favourite, the perfect purple with red undertones that I find suit my skin tone with any makeup look. I find myself reaching for this a lot more in the winter/autumn seasons as that’s when I’d rather were a bold lip but I no doubts it won’t look good in the summer too.

£5.49 – Superdrugs

3) MAC – Whirl – Oh My… this is literally one of the best things i have ever bought, the only way i can describe it is totally Kylie Jenner, when I wear it i feel like i could be Kylie. Sounds weird AF I’m aware. I really like it!!!

£15.50 – Debenhams

4) Lush – Lip Scrub – Okay, lets talk about the smell before…. It’s honestly one of the most amazing smells ever, my personal favourite is the bubblegum flavour. Not only is the smell and taste, I don’t recommend eating the product is the best this for you, outstanding the results are pretty incredible as well. So, you apply the product into your lips, ‘scrub’ it in leaving you with the softest, smoothest feel ever.

£5.50 – Lush

5) PapayaGold PawPaw-  Moisturising Balm – So, I’m not sure if this product is specific for the lips but on the tube it says you can use it on the lips as well as skin. This product, leaves your lips feeling how I imagine a cloud to feel like. It’s amazing, I mostly use this before bed so it has time to sync into my lips without any other product on it and the results are better then what i could ever imagine with anything.

£5.99 – Boots


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