Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products

I hope everyone doing well and had a great week. Since I last posted lots of exciting things have happened, well… My first Kylie Jenner LipKit has arrived!!! I was so excited when I knew about the order and its safe to say I get that excited every time I use it! It’s definitely one of my favourite things ever. If you want a review on the Kylie Jenner Lipkit let me know by leaving me a comment below. As you can tell from the title it’s another ‘Top 5’. So lets get started….

  1. Maybelline – Lash Sensational Mascara : Where do I start with this product? I can honestly say there is nothing more I would want in a mascara. Lets start with the shape of the wand, its got a curve in the middle and I feel that help the product get between all the lashes making the application a lot nicer, leaving a natural subtle look. As well as this, the product doesn’t make your eyes feel like there closing which I feel loads of mascaras can feel like if you apply too much, I often find myself layering this mascara with many coats for a fuller effect and it still feel like there is nothing on my eyes.

Boots – £7.99

2. Maybelline – Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara : This is honestly my life saver when it comes to brows. I have thick brows as it is (its not as good as it seems) so I don’t like a product that going to make them look too much, too ‘fake’, so this product for me is perfect, because the product is pigmented and available in different shades I can literally just brush this through my brows to enhance all my brow hair instantly making them look thicker and fuller. The best thing about this product is your eyebrows don’t move in the slightest all day. It’s perfect.

Superdrugs – £4.99

3. Revlon – Colorstay Foundation : So, as I have a very tanned/ warm skin tone it is very difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin perfectly, without making me look grey or orange. However, with this product I found one pump of the foundation in the shade ‘Toast’ is amazing and fits perfectly. Also, it’s so easy to work with, it’s definitely  a full coverage foundation so if you want something to look more natural this maybe isn’t for you. But for me its perfect, you can build the product without it looking or feeling cakey but it still gives you the flawless look.

Boots – £12.99

4. No7 – Instant Radiant Bronzing Highlighter: This is the prettiest stick of glitter I have ever seen. It’s a creme highlighter, I’d say there is more of a golden undertone to the highlight so it give your face the prettiest glow ever without looking too in your face or being too harsh. I especially think it looks good with a golden eye look and nude lip, its just such a great summer look.

Boots – £9.95

5. Rimmel – 107 Lipstick from the Kate collection: I have already said how much I love this product… It’s one of the most perfect matte formulas ever! I mean it’s so easy to get a matte lipstick that wears easily, leaving the centre of your lips naked or leaving the awful cracking effects that ruins a full makeup look but with this product, everything’s different. Lets start with the pigment, you literally need to apply it once or twice depending on how harsh you want the look, if you forget to take it out to dinner it doesn’t matter at all. You’ll definitely not be able to notice the wear as it lasts for ages. Another thing, it doesn’t dry out your lips at all, if you are prone to getting dry lips you should scrub your lips before hand but this product will keep your lips so hydrated for a matte product. All I’m going to say is if you’re apprehensive about trying a matte lip getting one of these lipsticks will be perfect because they are so affordable and you won’t be wasting loads of money if you don’t like it.

Superdrugs – £5.49

Thank You don’t forget to comment and like & I’ll speak to you soon 🙂 xx




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