Top 5 Nail Polishes

Hello everyone, hope your all doing well. I can’t believe it’s the end of 2016, it’s gone so quick. Anyway, today is another top 5 …. It’s nails. Like any other makeup addict I feel a new nails colour and I can take on ANYTHING, (that maybe a bit dramatic). Let’s get into it….

5) Matte Nail Paint by BarryM in the shade Espresso: Okay, this is one of the best things i have ever discovered. If you’ve read my other post you’ll know how much I love matte lips but Matte Nails are on another level. I love the application of the product, the applicator is quite wide so for me with one brush my whole nail is covered and the pigmentation is UNREAL. I love it. With this product, I apply two coats allowing each to dry completely in between. If you’re in a rush and feel your nails needs doing this is a great product to reach for. Safe to say when it runs out I will be purchasing another one.

Superdrugs – £3.99

4) Tanya Burr cosmetics in the shade Little Duck: I feel like this is the most perfect shade for Spring/Summer, I always like using pastel colours that time of year, i think there so much more fun to wear. This is a pastel blue shade that just makes you happy and always lifts your spirit when wearing it. The colour payoff is INSANE, similar to the BarryM you only really need two coats of this. I want to quickly talk about the packaging, I’ve found this will all the Tanya Burr product the packaging is something you really want to show off, its so pretty and it really compliments my dressing table and makeup area. It’s just really pretty.

Superdrugs – £4.99

3) Revlon- African Tea Rose: OH MY GOODNESS… This is one of the brightest, florescent shades ever. It’s a bright pinky/purpley shade. I’m constantly reaching for this in the summer because i feel like it compliments any outfit and it really gets you excited for the sun to be out. During the winter, I feel myself having to hold myself back from this product because it is just so easy to wear and it does really make you feel so good. Also, the nail polish is scented… It smells incredible when its on your nails. However, I don’t recommend smelling whilst its still in the bottle, it may not smell as nice. But when it’son your nails you constantly get whiffs of the scent and it smells of summer literally. ( It’s probably got a real scent & I don’t know what it is but its lovely).

I actually got this given to be by my sister on a birthday and can’t find how much it cost and  I don’t know where she bought it from neither. If I find out I’ll put it in the comments but if any of you guys know don’t forget to write it in the comments. THANK YOU

2) Nails Inc 2 in 1 duo top and base coat: Everyone needs a top coat to help protect the hard work and effort gone into painting your nails and this  does the job perfectly. I feel nails inc is one of my favorite brands ever, it so easy to apply and the shades are perfect, when you need a specific colour nails inc more than likely have it. Anyway, the top coat drys super quick and for me it last a really long time.

Boots – £8.00

1) Essie in the shade thigh high: Before I talk about the specific shade I’ve been loving essie as a brand is my holy grail when it comes to nails. There is always something that I want from them there shade range is AMAZING. The application on the brush is again insane quite wide so it covers the nail straight away with on  coat. The shade I’ve been loving in winter is thigh high, this a deep red with a tiny bit of sparkle. I’ve noticed I constantly reach for this colour even when I fancy bit of a change I can’t help myself. I gotta admit I’ll probably keep using it for the rest of winter and I don’t even care.

Boots – £7.99


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